Amy's had a long time dream of printing a cookbook using all the old ranch recipes she's collected over the years. She has now expanded the idea to include some of the favorite recipes our customers have given us.

Like most things in our life, it is a work in progress so check back from time to time for updates.














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Beef Cross Cut Shank

My favorite part of winter is the fact that Amy makes soups and stews anytime she needs a jacket. She has little interest in any recipe that requires more than 30 minutes' cook/prep time but you would think someone labored over her meals for hours.

Once you have a pantry full of some cooking basics these deals go together incredibly fast. This was 20 minutes, start to finish and the crock pot does the rest of the work. By the way, she sticks with the low setting so we don't have to worry about getting home late. It's just as good at 7pm as it is 5 pm if started before you head to work.

The beef cross shank is an often-overlooked piece of heaven. The flavor that comes from this cut is just out of this world.

Prepping the meat is a simple browning in a pan with some olive oil then dropping in the crock pot. Everything you see in the picture gets thrown together, with very little measuring, in the same pan used to brown the meat to simmer for a bit. By time everything is cleaned up simply pour everything over the shanks in the crock pot and leave on low for the day.

 photo shank_zpsss3pyngs.png  photo wrapped shanks_zpsrolctwck.jpg
 photo IMG_6546_zpsmeehhziv.jpg  photo IMG_6547_zpsvbok9ija.jpg
 photo IMG_6548_zpsn8pqqxon.jpg  photo IMG_6549_zpsxvi11odc.jpg
 photo IMG_6550_zpstdv54obv.jpg  photo IMG_6551_zpsd2mw27np.jpg

A famous "Amy" trick for last minute, unexpected dinner guests. Boil up some egg noodles and add to crock pot a few minutes before serving. They take the flavor almost immediately and the recipe goes from serving 5 up to 8 with no problems with lunch leftovers for the next day.

So, with noodles- total prep time is 30 minutes. Cost, about $21.00 to feed 8 people. These are the types of cuts that make you a hero at dinner time. It's far from exact, Amy typically substitutes about half the list with stuff we have in the pantry and rarely measures anything.

 photo IMG_6552_zpsefkhlajf.jpg

Here's the actual recipe:

 photo shank recipe_zpsuhvbme2d.jpg  photo shank recipe 2_zpssa6awu0g.jpg

Mississippi Chuck Roast

The Chuck Roast has become one of our favorite cuts and the "Mississippi" anything has become one of our favorite recipes. We have used this on several cuts of beef, pork and wild game and it's a winner every time.

 photo IMG_4386_zpsepmqo56z.jpg  photo chuck roast_zps46687ole.jpg

Brown each side for @5 minutes.

 photo IMG_4388_zpskko0djiy.jpg

Throw all the ingredients on top, set the crock pot on low and leave it for 6 to 8 hours.

 photo IMG_4390_zps429j0cbv.jpg

Then come home to this. Add a cup of brown rice to it a few hours before serving or cook on the side when ready.

 photo IMG_4391_zps1wipyzxg.jpg

Here is the recipe:

 photo chuck roast recipe_zps8ri0khdv.jpg  photo chuck roast recipe 2_zpsfjf8hrty.jpg

*Note- many "Mississippi" recipes call for beef broth or Au Jus. Since we dry age our meat as long as we do, it has a very beefy flavor. We have found that adding the broth or Au Jus is unnecessary.

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